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Psychic and Intuitive Coach

Caitlin Hefner

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1:1 Coaching


Spiritual Guidance

Hi there. My name is Caitlin.

For the longest time I've had such a hard time packaging up what the fuck I exactly it is that I do.

If I have to label myself, I'd call myself a Psychic and an Intuitive Coach but what does that mean to you or to those I support?

One of my gifts is that I've got this uncanny knack for SEEing webs. Not just the webs and interconnectedness of the world around us but YOUR webs too. 

I can see how the way you show up in your relationships connects to your finances, and how that one time in childhood when the kids at school shamed you for being teacher's pet directly relates to why you are hesitant to take action on your visions.

And then when you tell me about your boyfriend and how it drives you crazy that he doesn't do the laundry just so... what I FEEL and hear you saying is the energetic frequency of being out of control.

What does any of this mean to you?

I see webs and therefore am able to support you in navigating and discovering your webs.

The beauty of that? Once you see your webs you now have the power to start weaving your way through life CONSCIOUSLY.

And I'll have you laughting the whole friggin way.

To finally see the WHOLE spectrum of you. 
To understand why you operate the way you do.
To now love and support yourself the way you've always craved to be loved and supported by others. 
Better relationships. 
More confidence to create a life you love. 

Strength and Bravery to handle the storms when shit hits the fan cause it will but who cares you've got this. 


When you hire me, you commit to a deep dive. You say yes to sitting in some discomfort for sake of finally being able to know yourself inside and out all the while learning how to trust your own magic. 


I am so excited to show you how truly incredible you are.

Caitlin is so kind, helpful, to the point, and enlightening. She pulls things out of me that are buried so far down that I never would come to on my own. After a session with Caitlin, you feel like you know yourself so much better than you did before. It’s so refreshing having someone there to help you get out of your own way and give you strategies to get you to the next level. Caitlin is the real deal people. I 100% recommend her to anyone looking for some guidance! 
— Mariah A.
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